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Social integration

The social insertion of the Program is related to the formation of qualified human resources to act as teachers/researchers in higher education institutions, members of clinical research companies or as highly qualified instructors for the formation of specialists, especially in the areas of anesthesiology and intensive care.


This can be verified in the analysis of the destination of the graduates, in the proven and effective participation of students or graduates of the Program in institutions in several regions of Brazil.


The program has specific actions to increase student recruitment from strategic areas, especially from the North and Midwest regions of Brazil. Thus, of the 39 new enrollments in the triennium 2013-2015 we have: 01 Midwest (DF), 02 North (AM and PA); 11 Northeast (4 RN, 2 MA, 2 C, 1 BA, 1 PE and 1 SE); 04 South (3 PR and 1 RS) and 21 Southeast (17 SP, 3 MG and 1 RJ).

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