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Registration and Enrollment

The enrollment in the stricto sensu graduate programs at the University of São Paulo Medical School should be made exclusively at the office of the intended graduate program, during the year in continuous flow.


Announcement 2021 - Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences and Perioperative Medicine


List of documents required for PhD or Direct Doctorate:

  • (2) Recent 3 X 4 photo;

  • (2 copies) Application form (click to download);

  • (2 copies) Copy of ID document (RG, CPF and RNE for foreigners);

  • (2 copies) Copy of Graduation Diploma, front and back;

  • (2 copies) Copy of Master's Degree diploma or certificate of completion (for the Doctorate course);

  • Résumé on the Lattes Platform, updated during the quarter;

  • Result of foreign language proficiency;

  • Research plan approved by the Ethics Committee for Analysis of Research Projects of HCFMUSP or by the Ethics in Research Committee of the University of São Paulo Medical School, along with the admission form for the selective process (click to download).

Observations about the documents requested in the Edital:

  • CNH or registration with the Regional Medical Council will not be accepted as an identity document;

  • The foreign student is required to present the intermediate level certificate in the Portuguese proficiency test, conducted by CELPE-Brás (;

  • The result of the proficiency test will be provided ONLY by the secretary of the program where the application will be made;

  • The registration fee will be collected at the FMUSP's Treasury Office, by means of a form obtained at the post-graduation office of the program where the enrollment will be made;

  • Candidates to the doctoral courses, who have taken a master's course outside USP, must provide the acceptance of the master's degree.

Dear Candidate, as deliberated at the last meeting of the FMUSP Postgraduate Committee, on 11/02/2021, we inform you that the Proficiency Exams for enrollment in Postgraduate courses have returned, as follows:

English Proficiency:

  1. Cultura Inglesa has returned to activities and in-person exams will be applied;

  2. The exams conducted by Alumni , tel: (11) 5644-9700, with the following score : B1 (CEF) for masters and B1+(CEF) for doctorate;

  3. The exams conducted by Tese Prime (TEAP) will be accepted, with the following score: 60% for master's and 70% for doctorate.

Details about the selection procedure for the PhD or Direct Doctorate courses are in the aforementioned Announcement, however, for clarification purposes, we inform that the candidate must prepare a presentation in English of his/her project, with 5 slides (not counting the Title), between 05 and 10 minutes, and a Commission consisting of two members chosen by the CCP, will make an argumentation, of up to 10 minutes, about the work to be developed, with the candidate having equal time for answers. This presentation is part of the grade attribution for the project.

Candidates who obtain a score equal to or higher than 7 (seven) will be approved.

The enrollment of the selected candidates must be carried out exclusively at the Secretariat of the Graduate Program where the enrollment was made, upon presentation of the Initial Enrollment Form (click to download).

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