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Title: Randomized clinical pilot study evaluating mechanical ventilation with limited driving pressure compared to conventional strategy (ARDSNet) in patients with ARDS
Student: Marcelo Luz Pereira Romano
Advisor: Alexandre Biasi Cavalcanti
Defense: 25/02/2021

Title: Expression of PDL-1 and PDL-2 in locally advanced skin squamous cell carcinomas in head and neck territories
Student: Gustavo Nunes Bento
Orientation: Claudio Roberto Cernea
Defense: 05/05/2021

Title: Prognostic predictors in patients with retroperitoneal liposarcoma
Student: Frederico José Ribeiro Teixeira Júnior
Orientation: Edivaldo Massazo Utiyama
Defense: 24/03/2021

Title: Effect of magnesium sulfate dose on cisatracurium action time in obese patients: randomized clinical trial
Student: Sebastião Ernesto da Silva Filho
Orientation: Prof. Dr. Joaquim Edson Vieira

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