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Title: Evaluation of the installed surgical capacity of public hospitals in the interior of the state of Amazonas, using a hospital evaluation tool
Student: Jose Emerson dos Santos Souza
Advisor: Nivaldo Alonso]

Date of defense: 15/12/2020


Title: Cost-effectiveness analysis of goal-guided hemodynamic therapy algorithm in high-risk patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Student: Elisandra Cristina Trevisan Calvo Arita

Advisor: Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar
Date of defense: 14/12/2020


Title: Evaluation of incidence of hemodynamic depression in patients undergoing carotid angioplasty or carotid endarterectomy at Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo
Student: Lauro Afonso Côrtez Bogniotti
Advisor: Daniela Calderaro
Date of defense: 11/12/2020


Title: Hypothermia after major surgery in patients admitted to intensive care units in Brazil
Student: Itajiba Paternosti Sabbag
Advisor: João Manoel Silva Junior
Date of defense: 09/12/2020


Title: Influence of gender on pain threshold in elderly according to the presence of chronic pain
Student: Áquila Lopes Gouvêa
Advisor: Angela Maria Sousa
Date of defense: 03/12/2020


Title: Evaluation of acute renal injury in high risk surgical patients
Student: Henrique Tadashi Katayama
Advisor: João Manoel Silva Junior
Date of defense: 02/12/2020


Title: Effects of radiofrequency ablation of insufficient saphenous and perforating veins in venous ulcer patients
Student: Juliana Puggina
Advisor: Erasmo Simão da Silva
Date of defense: 1/12/2020


Title: Evaluation of postoperative biochemical tumor recurrence in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy with opioid-free anesthesia compared to conventional use of opioid analgesic agents
Student: Felipe Porto Rangel
Advisor: Claudia Marquez Simões
Date of defense: 19/11/2020


Title: Impact of anesthetic technique on troponin I serum levels in pediatric patients undergoing surgical correction of congenital heart diseases: randomized clinical trial
Student: João Victor Galvão Barelli
Advisor: Filomena Regina Barbosa Gomes Galas
Date of defense: 16/10/2020


Title: Expression of micro-RNAs associated with tumor invasion and prognosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma
Student: Gilberto Mendes Menderico Junior
Advisor: Leandro Luongo de Matos
Date of defense: 4/9/2020


Title: Predictive model of death in trauma patients admitted in Intensive Care Unit
Student: Heleno de Paiva Oliveira
Advisor: Alexandre Biasi Cavalcanti
Date of defense: 31/7/2020


Title: Study of coagulation in the artery filter of the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit: impact on hemostasis in the postoperative period of cardiac surgery
Student: Chiara Scaglioni Tessmer Gatto
Advisor: Filomena Regina Barbosa Gomes Galas
Date of defense: 3/4/2020


Title: Supplementation with beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate in patients with cancer-related cachexia
Student: Marcelo de Carvalho
Advisor: José Pinhata Otoch
Date of defense: 19/3/2020


Title: Evaluation of the effect of continuous administration of anesthetic agents on myocardial function of pigs submitted to cardiac arrest
Student: Paulo Gabriel Melo Brandão
Advisor: Denise Aya Otsuki
Date of defense: 4/3/2020


Title: POCD diagnosis, validation of the MentalPlus® digital game as a tool for cognitive function evaluation and possible rehabilitation resource
Student: Ananaira Alves Goulart
Advisor: Joaquim Edson Vieira
Date of defense: 17/2/2020


Title: Validation of the digital game MentalPlus® as neuropsychological test to assess postoperative cognitive dysfunction
Student: André Lucatelli
Advisor: Joaquim Edson Vieira
Date of defense: 10/2/2020


Title: Impact of polypropylene mesh in the ductus deferens and testis of rats: morphofunctional evaluation
Student: Sérgio Henrique Bastos Damous
Advisor: Edivaldo Massazo Utiyama
Date of defense: January 30, 2020

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