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Title: Evaluation of risk factors for morbimortality after abdominal surgery in oncologic patients
Student: Claudia Marquez Simões
Advisor: Maria José Carvalho Carmona
Date of defense: 08/12/2014
Performance: Anesthesiologist and researcher at the Cancer Institute of São Paulo State (ICESP).


Title: Effects of metoprolol in experimental model of septic shock
Student: André Luís Corrêa
Advisor: Denise Aya Otsuki
Date of defense: 01/12/2014
Performance: Professor of Veterinary Anesthesiology and Pharmacology at Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (Unisul).


Title: Study of the effects of ethyl pyruvate, hypertonic saline and Ringer lactate on the mesenteric microcirculation response in a model of sepsis induced by Escherichia coli in rats
Student: Ismael Francisco Mota Siqueira Guarda
Advisor: Paulina Sannomiya
Date of defense: 13/11/2014
Performance: Anesthesiologist at Hospital e Maternidade Leonor Mendes de Barros and assistant physician at Division of Anesthesia, Hospital das Clínicas, FMUSP.


Title: Influence of gender and age (adults and elderly) on pain perception in different experimental models of pain in rats
Student: Claudia Carneiro de Araújo Palmeira 
Advisor: Irimar de Paula Posso
Date of defense: 10/23/2014
Performance: Anesthesiologist at Perola Byington Hospital and on duty at FMUSP Hospital das Clínicas.


Title: Effects of leukocyte filtration on inflammatory response and lung function in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting with cardiopulmonary bypass
Student: Célio Gomes de Amorim
Advisor: Maria José Carvalho Carmona
Date of defense: 09/09/2014
Performance: Anesthesiologist, intensivist and medical resident instructor at Hospital da Universidade Federal de Uberlândia; anesthesiologist and intensivist at Maternidade e Hospital Madrecor.


Title: Respiratory and hemodynamic effects of volume testing in patients with shock and acute respiratory distress syndrome: an observational study using pulmonary ultrasound
Student: Fabíola Prior Caltabeloti
Advisor: José Otávio Costa Auler Junior
Date of defense: 08/09/2014
Performance: ICU duty at Instituto Central do Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP, develops scientific research in the institution.


Title: Evaluation of psychic effects, hemodynamic and analgesia quality, related to the combined use of clonidine, S+ketamine and midazolam during dressings or surgical debridements in major burn patients. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Student: Giorgio Pretto
Advisor: Eliezer Silva
Date of defense: 14/08/2014
Performance: Anesthesiologist at the Anesthesiology Service of Joinville, co-responsible for the Joinville medical residency and anesthesiologist at Hans Dieter Schmidt Regional Hospital.


Title: Evaluation of pulmonary hyperinflation in domestic felines submitted to controlled pressure ventilation analyzed by helical computed tomography
Student: Alessandro Rodrigues de Carvalho Martins
Advisor: Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson
Date of defense: 12/08/2014
Performance: Veterinarian, technical coordinator of UFAPE Veterinary.


Title: Liberal strategy of RBC transfusion versus restrictive strategy in patients undergoing oncologic surgery: randomized controlled study
Student: Juliano Pinheiro de Almeida
Advisor: Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar
Date of defense: 26/02/2014
Performance: Assistant physician at the Cancer Institute of São Paulo State (ICESP), develops scientific research at the institution.

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