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Title: Evaluation of plasma concentrations and pharmacokinetics of cefuroxime administered prophylactically in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting
Student: Fabiana Aparecida Penachi Bosco Ferreira
Advisor: Maria José Carvalho Carmona
Date of defense: 16/08/2011
Performance: Teacher at the Federal University of Goiás Medical School, where she participates in the Residency Program in Anesthesiology. Assistential, teaching and research activities.


Title: Repercussion of fentanyl venous infusion replacement by enteral methadone on weaning time from mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients admitted to adult intensive care units.
Student: Raquel Wanzuita
Advisor: Luiz Francisco Poli de Figueiredo
Date of defense: 11/08/2011
Acting: Professor of the University of the Joinville Region (Univille), coordinator of the Program of Medical Residency in Internal Medicine at Hospital Municipal São José (HMSJ), preceptor of the Program of Medical Residency in Intensive Care Medicine at Hospital Regional Hans Dieter Schmidt (HRHDS). Assisting, teaching and research activities.


Title: Gradients of oxygen, glucose, carbon dioxide and lactate in different vascular compartments
Student: Adriano José Pereira
Advisor: Eliezer Silva
Co-Advisor: Luiz Francisco Poli de Figueiredo
Date of defense: 03/08/2011
Performance: Adjunct professor and assistant physician at Adult Intensive Care Center (CTIA) of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein; Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) and Cancer Hospital.


Title: Mechanisms of tissue hypoperfusion in experimental sepsis and effects of volume replacement with hypertonic-isonic saline solution and pentoxifylline
Student: Carolinne Torres Silva Dias
Advisor: Mauricio da Rocha e Silva
Date of defense: 24/05/2011
Performance: Veterinary anesthesiologist in non-university institutions in São Paulo. Assistential activities in her area of training.


Title: Blood oxytocin dosages by enzyme immunoassay after different oxytocin infusion regimens in pregnant women undergoing elective cesarean section with spinal anesthesia
Student: Eduardo Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi
Advisor: Marcelo Luis Abramides Torres
Date of defense: 26/04/2011
Performance: Anesthesiologist at Hospital Universitário da USP, where he participates in the Residency Program in Anesthesiology. Teaching and assistance activities.


Title: Immediate effects of cardiopulmonary bypass on mucociliary system
Student: Rodrigo Sánchez Véliz
Advisor: Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson
Date of defense: 28/03/2011
Performance: Doctor responsible for pre-, trans- and postoperative period of patients, with teams of various surgical specialties at the Hospital and Maternidade São Cristóvão.

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