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Title: Controlled hemorrhagic shock and Fos protein expression in rat spinal cord after peripheral nociceptive stimulus
Student: Carla Marília Nogueira Magalhães
Advisor: Irimar de Paula Posso
Co-Advisor: Vera Luiza Capelozzi
Date of defense: 12/05/2003
Performance: Anesthesiologist at the Instituto de Ortopedia do Hospital das Clínica da FMUSP, where she participates in the Residency Program in Anesthesiology at the Faculdade de Medicina da USP. Participates in assistential and teaching activities.


Title: Systemic and regional effects of moderate and intense acute isovolemic hemodilution
Student: Daniel Perin
Advisor: Luiz Francisco Poli de Figueiredo
Co-Advisor: Marilde de Albuquerque Piccioni
Date of defense: 24/11/2003
Performance: Clinical anesthesiologist in non-university institutions in São Paulo. Training instructor in difficult airways access. Participates in assisting and teaching activities.


Title: Effects of laparoscopic pneumoperitoneum with carbon dioxide on respiratory mechanics in obese and non-obese patients.
Student: Orlandira Costa Araújo
Advisor: Milton de Arruda Martins
Date of defense: 21/10/2003
Performance: Anesthesiologist at USP University Hospital and Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual, participating in the Anesthesiology Residency Program of these institutions. Teaching and assistance activities.


Title: Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of crystalloid infusion in an experimental model of hypodynamic septic shock.
Student: Alejandra del Pilar Gallardo Garrido
Advisor: Luiz Francisco Poli de Figueiredo
Date of defense: 30/09/2003
Performance: Intensivist at Hospital Leforte and at the ICU of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Participates in assistance, teaching and research activities. Reviewer of scientific journals.


Title: Evaluation of the preemptive efficacy of dipyrone sodium by immunohistochemical analysis of c-fos expression in the spinal cord: study in an experimental model of postoperative pain in rats
Student: Marcia Pavan de Andrade
Advisor: Irimar de Paula Posso
Date of defense: 14/07/2003
Performance: Supervisor of the Pain Clinic of the Women's Reference Center (Hospital Pérola Byington, SP) and responsible for the Pain and Acupuncture Clinic of the Health Promotion Institute (IPS) at Santa Catarina Hospital (SP). Assistential and teaching activities.


Title: Quantification of alveolar recruitment induced by positive end expiratory pressure by computed tomography in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome: description of a new method, comparison with reference technique and correlation with oxygenation
Student: Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson
Advisor: Maria José Carvalho Carmona
Date of defense: 30/06/2003
Performance: Supervisor of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit of the Central Institute of the Hospital das Clínicas of the School of Medicine of USP, participates in the program of Medical Residency in Anesthesiology and is a supervisor of the Post-Graduation Program in Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences and Perioperative Medicine. Assistential, teaching and research activities.


Title: Comparative study between pleural and esophageal pressure in anesthetized patients post cardiac surgery: evaluation at different levels of positive end-expiratory pressure and body postures
Student: Claudia Regina Fernandes
Advisor: José Otávio Costa Auler Junior
Co-Advisor: Marcelo Luis Abramides Torres
Date of defense: 18/02/2003
Activities: Professor of Medicine, Federal University of Ceará, coordinator of the module Medical Emergencies. Coordinates the Medical Residency Program in Anesthesiology at Walter Cantídio University Hospital of the Federal University of Ceará. Assisting, teaching and research activities.


Title: Effects of thoracic epidural anesthesia and different inspiratory flows on respiratory mechanics: analysis of pressure versus volume curves in anesthesia
Student: Fábio Ely Martins Benseñor
Advisor: José Otávio Costa Auler Junior
Co-Advisor: Joaquim Edson Vieira
Date of defense: 13/01/2003
Performance: Member of the Supra anesthesiology team, in São Paulo.

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