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Title: Initial treatment of head trauma associated with hemorrhagic shock: comparison between hypertonic saline solution and lactated ringer's solution in blocking intraneuronal elevation
Student: Marcos Balbino
Advisor: Luiz Francisco Poli de Figueiredo
Date of defense: 06/11/2001
Performance: Clinical anesthesiologist at USP University Hospital. Teaching and assistance activities.


Title: Pharmacokinetics and analgesic effect of diclofenac in the immediate postoperative period of patients submitted to cesarean section under spinal anesthesia
Student: Monica Maria Siaulys Capel Cardoso
Advisor: José Carlos Almeida Carvalho
Date of defense: 09/08/2001
Performance: Clinical anesthesiologist in non-university institutions in São Paulo. Assistential, teaching and research activities.

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