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Scientometric Analysis

Google Scholar citations on the thesis articles

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The most relevant aspects of the impact and innovative character of the Program are the generation of knowledge through scientific research that can contribute to a better outcome for the surgical patient, associated with the training of qualified human resources.


The Program has excellence in research related to the effects of anesthetic-surgical trauma on the various organs in the intraoperative and postoperative periods of the high-risk patient.


Recent lines of research in translational surgery stand out in the study of new operative techniques and critical analysis of traditional processes, besides the search for optimization of access to surgical treatment.


In the scientometric analysis of 218 articles from the four-year period in SciVal Platform (Elsevier), 210 publications were

found 210 publications (see appendix, with Keyphrase analysis of incomplete data from

2020), with 9,299 Scopus views and 3,222 citations, with the following results regarding the

areas in which they were published: A) 16.7% of publications are in the top 10% of journals

citations; B) 33.3% of the publications are in the top 10% of journals; C) 89

publications (42.4%) were co-authored by foreign institutions; D) only 0.5% of the publications

E) only one publication was cited in a patent filed in the period

E) 139 publications (66.2%) were among those with the highest Scopus views.


Scopus views, and the FWVI (Field-Weighted Views Impact) was 3.01 and represents the proportion of total citations actually

proportion of the total citations actually received and the total citations that would be expected based

based on the area average.


In an additional qualitative analysis, evaluating the impact and number of citations to the

publications of the Program in the quadrennium, considering the hypothesis that all

publications in the 2017-2020 quadrennium were in the same journal, the calculation of the Impact Factor

Impact Factor of that journal in 2019 would be 5.61 (corresponding to the 472 citations in 2019

for the 84 publications in 2017 and 2018) and for 2020 the IF would be 5.02 (corresponding to the 517

citations in 2020 for the 103 publications of 2018 and 2019).

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