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Books and Chapters

The Program considers the publication of books as an activity that provides an opportunity to disseminate the knowledge and experience of teachers, based on scientific evidence, to other services and regions of Brazil, with continuing education and social impact. There is an incentive for the student body to participate as authors of chapters, especially on themes related to their own line of research, reinforcing the learning process. During the quadrennium the following books were published, in Brazil and abroad, with the participation of teachers of the Program:


Tratado de Anestesiologia - SAESP: edited by Luiz Marciano Cangiani, Maria José Carvalho Carmona, Marcelo Luís Abramides Torres, Carlos Othon Bastos, David Ferez, Enis Donizetti Silva, Leonardo Teixeira Domingos Duarte, Maria Ângela Tardelli, Editora Atheneu, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-85-388-0846-6.


Manual de condutas em cárdio-oncologia: edited by Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar, Roberto Kalil Filho, Paulo Marcelo Gehm Hoff. Editora Atheneu, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-85-388- 0772-8.


Avaliação Pré-Operatória: volume of the series "Condutas em Anestesia" being editors Maria José Carvalho Carmona, Milton Arruda Martins and José Otávio Costa Auler Júnior. Publisher Atheneu, 2017. ISBN: 8538807749.


Cleft lip and palate treatment: a comprehensive guide: by editors Nivaldo Alonso and Cassio Eduardo Raposo-Amaral, Springer Publishing, 2018, ISBN-13: 978-3319632896.


Digestive Endoscopy in Clinical Practice: edited by faculty member Everson Luiz de Almeida Artifon in collaboration with other authors. Elsevier Publisher, 2018. ISBN: 9788535288513.


Trauma (second edition): volume of the series "Condutas em Anestesia" being Roseny dos Reis Rodrigues (graduate and post-doc) the author of the volume and editors the faculty members Maria José Carvalho Carmona, Edivaldo Massazo Utiyama and José Otávio Costa Auler Júnior. Atheneu Publishing House, 2018. ISBN: 978-85-388-0921-0.


Allergic reactions and malignant hyperthermia: volume of the series "Condutas em Anestesia" being editors Maria José Carvalho Carmona and José Otávio Costa Auler Júnior. Publisher Atheneu, 2019. ISBN-10: 8538810545 and ISBN-13: 978-8538810544.


Laryngeal Cancer: Rogério Dedivitis, Giorgio Peretti, Ehab Hanna, and Cláudio Roberto Cernea. Thieme Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 1684200016 and ISBN13: 9781684200016.


General Surgery: volume of the series "Manual of the Resident Physician at the FMUSP Hospital das Clínicas", editors Edivaldo Massazo Utiyama, José Pinhata Otoch, Lenira Chierentin Rengel, Sumaya Abdul Ghaffar. Atheneu Publishing House, 2019. ISBN: 978-85-388-1042-1.


Manual of Endovascular Surgery: edited by Pedro Puech Leão and Nelson Woloscker. Editora Di Livros, 2019. ISBN-13:978-85-805-3212-8.

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