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Discipline Registration

Discipline Registration
The registration period for regular students, who are not locked in their registration, comprises three consecutive stages. It is recommended that students consult their advisors beforehand about the choice of courses. The registration periods are opened in the first and second semester in the Janus system ( The annual graduate calendar is available here.

- Student pre-enrollment: period for students to pre-enroll in courses or their follow-up enrollment, and the follow-up enrollment is mandatory for students who do not enroll in any course. Every action confirmed by the student in this system generates an e-mail to himself as proof of the action taken;


- Advisor's endorsement: period for advisors to endorse subject pre-enrollments. The pre-enrollments in courses not evaluated by the respective advisor in this period are automatically accepted. Follow-up registrations do not require the supervisor's approval and are automatically accepted by the system after this period;


- Grantee's approval: period for subject teachers to approve pre-enrollments approved by advisors. The pre-enrollment, approved by the instructor, that does not receive the subject minister's approval will be automatically accepted.

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