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Student Manual

The graduate needs to know the current regulations according to his or her period of enrollment in the program. 


With the approval of the new USP Graduate Regulations, Resolution n. 7,493, dated March 27, 2018, the Graduate Program in Anesthesiology, Surgical Sciences and Perioperative Medicine now has two regulations in force, one based on the aforementioned Resolution and another based on Resolution n. 6,542, dated April 18, 2013.

Thus, students enrolled until May 2019 are advised to choose which Regiment/Regulation their graduate course falls under. Students enrolled as of June 2019 are required to follow Resolution n. 7.493 and the pertinent Regulation.


Graduate Regulations of the University of São Paulo - USP:




Regulations of the Graduate Committee of the School of Medicine - FMUSP:




Program regulations:




FMUSP Graduate Student Handbook:


        Student Handbook


Guide for the Presentation of Dissertations, Theses and Monographs:


        Presentation Guide


Turnitin - Tutorial For The Student:



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