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CAPES Reviews and Awards

CAPES Quadrennial Evaluation: Understand how it works!

Each Stricto Sensu graduate program must report annually on the activities carried out in the previous Base Year. This is the CAPES Collection. These assessments are closed every 4 years and are called Quadrennial Assessments. The concept of the programs is reassessed every four years.

CAPES 'four-year evaluation is being improved and in this next four-year period, which begins in 2021 and runs until 2024, CAPES will implement the Multidimensional Evaluation. This evaluation will analyze five dimensions of the Postgraduate Programs and is based on the European system for the evaluation of institutions, called U-Multirank. With this new methodology, it will be possible to measure other points such as the impact and relevance of the program for society, in addition to the innovation produced, internationalization and regional insertion.

See below the evaluations of our program over the past four years:

Quadrennium 2013-2016: concept 4

2010-2012 triennium: concept 4,

2007-2009 triennium: concept 4

2004-2006 triennium: concept 4

CAPES Thesis Award

The CAPES Thesis Award recognizes the best doctoral conclusion papers defended in Brazilian graduate programs according to the following criteria: originality of the work, relevance to scientific, technological, cultural, social and innovation development and added value by the candidate's educational system.

Created in 2005 and delivered for the first time in 2006, it covers all areas of knowledge that have a representative in the evaluation of the stricto sensu graduate program. One of the objectives of the initiative is to increase the visibility of CAPES 'positive and inductive actions in Brazilian graduate studies.

2018: Capes Thesis Award

Title: Evaluation of ultrasound-guided percutaneous tracheostomy when compared to bronchoscopic-guided percutaneous tracheostomy
Student: André Luiz Nunes Gobatto
Advisor: Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson
Defense date: 12/8/2017

2017: Capes de Thesis Award

Title: Comparative study between two mechanical ventilation strategies, protective and conventional, in the immediate postoperative period of cardiac surgery
Student: Alcino Costa Leme
Advisor: Filomena Regina Barbosa Gomes Galas
Defense date: 6/23/2016

2016: Capes de Thesis Award

Title: Randomized study to assess goal-guided therapy in high-risk cardiac surgery
Student: Eduardo Atsushi Osawa
Advisor: Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar
Defense date: 11/11/2015

2015: Honorable Mention of the Capes de Thesis Award

Title: Liberal red blood cell transfusion strategy versus restrictive strategy in patients undergoing cancer surgery: a controlled and randomized study
Student: Juliano Pinheiro de Almeida
Advisor: Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar
Defense date: 2/26/2014

2010: Capes de Thesis Award

Title: Prospective and randomized study of liberal and restrictive red blood cell transfusion strategies in cardiac surgery
Student: Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar
Advisor: José Otávio Costa Auler Junior
Defense date: 6/24/2010

2009: Honorable Mention of the Capes de Thesis Award

Title: Early treatment of septic shock with dexamethasone: comparative monitoring with C-reactive protein and serum amyloid A
Student: Domingos Dias Cicarelli
Advisor: Fabio Ely Martins Benseñor
Defense date: 8/13/2008

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